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Bill's TinyMixer

An inexpensive small, useful and versatile tool based on a Bill Sequeira's idea.

  • No power required
  • Audio or CV passive summing (3 inputs, 1 output - mono or stereo) with attenuators
  • Audio or CV passive splitting (1 input, 3 outputs - mono or stereo) with attenuators
  • Fits banana sockets with horizontal or vertical mounting, including a ground one
  • Fits mono and stereo Cliff minijack sockets. These sockets also accept tinijax.
  • Fits mono and stereo 9mm pots
  • Format jumbler
  • LEDs showing activity on each channel (work with CV only)
  • Plugs directly into the module's socket using a gender changer
  • Concatenable
Due to the passive nature of the circuit, the incoming signals are slightly attenuated.

BOM and build notes

Bill's TinyMixer black - shipped untracked

Bill's TinyMixer green - shipped untracked




Thanks to Bill Sequeira for the nice pics above




  I assume no liability for personal injury or damage to equipment or loss of use caused directly or indirectly
by the use of the Bill's TinyMixer