Portabellabz is a one person company run by me only, Constantin Papageorgiadis.
I am
located in Belgium.
My aim is to offer the service I'd like to receive.

Although I'm active on several specialized forums, you won't find me on any so-called "social" media.
I don't want my personal data and address to appear on the internet and asked the websites who published these against my will to remove these.
In case my VAT # or other info
is needed to confirm my business is legit, please contact me.

Portabellabz is not affiliated to EMS, which is run by Robin Wood.
Portabellabz is not affiliated to the "Portabella" synth sold by Pin Electronics.
Portabellabz is not affiliated to Buchla.

Privacy policy

I do not collect or store data about my customers and website visitors, however emails may remain in my mailbox.
I do not share, exchange, sell or trade information
about my customers and website visitors to anyone, under any circumstances.
Portabellabz.be use
s no cookies or analytics tools.

No registration is needed and purchases can be done directly via the Paypal buttons or via bank transfer on request.
I do not send newsletters but feel free to ask me if you want to be kept informed about my projects.

The web host, OVH, collects information such as the visitor's geographic location, the browser, the OS... for their statistics service. This is beyond my control.

Terms of service

By entrusting equipment for servicing the customer accepts all the terms listed below in their entirety.

The customer accepts full responsibility for all of their equipment left at my premises. I do not offer insurance against theft or damage to customer owned equipment so it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that adequate insurance is in place for their own equipment.

The customer takes care of carrying the equipment to and from my premises. In person or via a courrier (DHL, Fedex, UPS...), most offer round trip shipping solutions.
The customer is accountable for any fee or tax which might be due for importing their equipment into Belgium. Belgian customs charge anything coming from outside the EU, duties can go up to 30% of the insurance declared value + shipping costs.
If for any reason the equipment should be returned to the customer without me working on it, the return and any related cost is at the customer's expense.

At the equipment reception, a diagnosis is done and a quote is sent to the customer asap, this service is free of charge. I can quote accurately and quickly on Synthi A, AKS and VCS3, Music Easel / 208 and most equipment but in some cases or with some equipment doing a quote is not always possible because of the equipment condition or type.
A quote is subject to changes if previously unseen issues are noticed during servicing. In any case Iíll inform the customer.
If for any reason, including a disagreement on the quote or the terms of service, the equipment should be returned to the customer without me working on it, the return is at the customer's expense and the work time spent doing the diagnosis and quote is billed to the customer.

I'm not interested in scamping a job and make it as cheap and fast as possible to get the equipment just working good enough to be offered for sale or for any other reason.
I do a job to my highest standards or I don't do it.

The interventions are covered by a one year full warranty, transferable if the equipment is sold. The warranty is only for the interventions done by me and not for the complete instrument.
Any subsequent intervention by another person without first consulting me will void the warranty.
To be able to give the warranty, I keep and test the equipment for about 2 weeks after the work is completed. If for any reason the equipment should be returned to the customer before the test period is over, the warranty doesn't apply.

Payment should be cleared when the work is finished and before the instrument is returned.
Bank transfer is prefered.
Cash on collection is possible.
Paypal is possible with 6% extra to cover the fees.
Cheques are no longer used in Belgium.

If the invoice is not paid for 30 days after reception or if the customer stops contact, the equipment will be considered abandoned and might be resold to recover the wages due.